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Our Philosophy

SPREAD International's approach to combating illiteracy is to create an overall healthy, supportive environment in which at-risk children in rural villages in the developing world can successfully rural youth entails the long-term establishment of schools, hostels, study centers in remote and tribal Our commitment to the improvement of literacy focuses on the intertwined relationship between structural and social impediments that hinder students. Aside from simply providing the physical space in which students study and learn, we believe in instilling familial motivation for learning, and encourage parents and other members of the family to support the growth of their children in a nurturing environment that provides proper health care, nutrition, and overall physical and emotional well-being.

Our primary intervention is by setting up hostels to educate and take care of orphans and children from backward caste/tribal that have been forced into labor. Given our process we are able to effectively educate our children quite efficiently at a nominal cost of $ 350 per child for one year. Please click here for more details.

Other interventions include setting up rural hamlet education centers, study center, providing resources to support rural school infrastructure and provide scholarships.