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Spread International believes in learning and sharing.

A community of academics, corporate and non-profit groups........ and beyond.

Academic Partnerships:

Spread International is open for research, student projects and internships.


We provide internship opportunities that are not only academically rigorous but have a direct impact on the organization and the children we support. The internship can be either US based or in India. Areas for internships opportunities are listed below. We shall customize the internship based on our needs and your capabilities/interest.

Internship areas: Project Management, Donor Relationship Management, Graphic Design, Monitoring Educational Achievement, Accounting, and Use of Social Networking Sites.

Corporate Partnerships:

The success of Spread International is very much dependent on the generosity of humanitarians such as yourself. A great way to maximize resources for the less fortunate is to involve the company you work for. Many companies will match their employee's donations .A $250 donation matched by your company turns into a $500 donation. This donation is 100% tax deductable. The tax advantage to a company match is that if you are in the 30% tax bracket, you will receive a $75 tax deduction. Now your $175 donation has turned into $500 and is able to provide education, housing, nourishment, and a truly life changing experience for two very special children. There are many other ways to provide support as well. If you would like to work with your company in raising funds, setting up a project or even donating supplies, please contact us.

Non-Profit Partnerships:

We have had the support of a number of non-profit groups supporting the set-up of our hostel facilities including India Development Service and Lions Club International. These organizations have helped us develop an infrastructure to support our activities. IDS has helped us with seed funding to establish the girls and boys hostel/orphanage in Vijaynagram district. Lions Club International paid for the renovation of our "hub" building there.

In addition, in working with the Big Brother & Big Sister program of Lake County (IL) children were able to donate the stuffed toys for the benefit of the children in our facilities.

And Beyond

We would like to propagate our model of transparency, efficiency, and frugality through the use of supply chain management and management information systems.

If you or your organization would like to setup an educational enterprise to help educate poor children in Africa or Latin American please contact us. Spread International would provide the technical expertise and the organizational structure (including web support) to help your endeavor.