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Ventured into rural development activities with modest and limited resources. Our success is undoubtedly due to the pioneering efforts of volunteers and other local organizations that are endlessly working to ensure educational objectives for impoverished children are effectively met. In order to continue this work, however, we rely upon contributions from foundations and private donors. Your donations will impact the lives of many children who lack the basic necessities to combat poverty.

We value your donations and believe in efficiency and transparency. Ninety six cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the operations we support. We are extremely lean in our operations and the cost to take care of one child is $ 400/yr including food, health care, uniforms, shelter and educational supplements. Please find more details about SUPPORT A CHILD program at click here

As you might know SPREAD INTERNATIONAL is a tax exempt Non-Profit Organization (Tax ID 80-0084590) under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Please do consider making a contribution to a specific project or child. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

In February we will mail out a statement of your contribution that you may use as documentation to deduct for taxes. Please take a moment to review our organization. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to Contact Us

Donation through check or credit card:

You can make a contribution by completing a Donation Form and writing a check payable to "SPREAD INTERNATIONAL" or writing credit card info on donation form and mailing it to SPREAD INTERNATIONAL, 29531 Greenboro, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.

Donation through credit card online (paypal.com):

Alternatively you can also make a contribution via a credit card online through paypal.com system. 

Company Matching Funds and Volunteer Hours: 

Many companies match their employees' donations. You donate $175 and your company matches $175 and Spread International recieves a total of $400 for this noble cause.

Many companies donate to their employee's choice of charity in lieu of their volunteer hours. Volunteer for Spread International and raise the funds for Support A Child

Please forward this info to people at your company and give them an opportunity to make a difference by giving a priceless life long gift of education.

Value for your Donation & Transparency:

We run an efficient and frugal operation. Ninety-seven cents of each dollar donated goes directly to the care of the children. The cost to take care of a child (shelter, food, healthcare, education) comes to $ 29.17/month ($400/year). We believe in transparency. Every financial transaction (India and US), grades, and health statistics can be viewed.