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Student Details

Sravani Panaganti

Academic Year : 2017-2018 9th Grade

Academic Year : 2017-2018

Medium : Telugu

Joined Grade : 4th

Joined Academic Year : 2012-2013

Village : Bopparam

Mandal : Athmakur(S)

District : Suryapet

State : Telangana

Height : 147 Cms.

Weight : 37 Kgs.


Sravani Panaganti comes from Bopparam village, Suryapet mandal, Suryapet district,Telangana state.Sravani parents are Nagaiah (father), Kousalya (mother). Sravani mother was dead with health problem. her father was daily labor work, Sravani joined SPREAD INDIA Nilayam in 2012 when she was in 4th grade. Sravani has one elder Brother. He is studying 4th grade in Bopparam village. Sravani hobbies are Reading the books and playing the games. Her goal is to become a Teacher. She needs ample support to cherish her dream. Let’s hope, success comes in her way.


Date Achievement Image
Jan 26, 2017 Sravani Panaganti has got scholarship under CANARA VIDYA JYOTHI Scholorship scheme 206-2017 academic year from our Balemla Branch.
Jan 26, 2017 Sravani Panaganti kid of our Spread hostel has got scholarship under CANARA VIDHYA JYOTHI SCHOLARSHIP scheme 2016-2017 from CANARA bank balemla branch, Balemla village, Suryapet mandalam & District, Telangana. She got 5,000 Rs/-.


Academic Year Grade Progress Card image
2018-2019 10th
2017-2018 9th
2016-2017 8th
2015-2016 7th
2014-2015 6th
2013-2014 5th
2012-2013 4th

Sravani Panaganti
with $ 350 per year