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Student Details

SampathRaju Bathula

Academic Year : 2019-2020 10th Grade

Academic Year : 2019-2020

Medium : English

Joined Grade : 1st

Joined Academic Year : 2010-2011

Village : Thimmapuram

Mandal : Arvapally

District : Suryapet

State : Telangana

Height : 144 cm

Weight : 30 kgs


SampathRaju Bathula comes from Kommala village, Arvapally mandal, Suryapet district, Telangana state. SampathRaju parents are Veeraswamy( father), Padma (mother). SampathRaju parents passed away in 2007 due to health issues. SampathRaju joined SPREAD INDIA Nilayam in 2010 when he was in 1st grade. SampathRaju have one younger sister, Jyotsna. She also joined SPREAD INDIA Nilayam in 2016 when she was 4th grade. SampathRaju hobbies are playing the games and reading the story books. His goal is to become a Teacher. He needs ample support to cherish her dream. Let’s hope, success comes in his way.


Academic Year Grade Progress Card image
2019-2020 10th
2018-2019 9th
2017-2018 8th
2016-2017 7th
2015-2016 6th
2014-2015 5th
2013-2014 4th
2012-2013 3rd
2011-2012 2nd
2010-2011 1st

SampathRaju Bathula
with $ 350 per year